Moscow, Yablochkov str., 7

Time 6:00 - 24:00

How to get on foot:

You need to get to the metro station Timiryazevskaya, climb the escalator into the city, at the exit of the glass doors turn right, go to the exits of the platform, at the end of the tunnel you will see the exit on the rapids to the right. Going outside, on the left side will be "Depot Mall", go around it on the left or right and get on the street Yablochkova. Turn right, walk down the street Yablochkova roughly 150 meters and behind the house number 15 turn right again. After 50 meters you will see the entrance to the APIA ARENA ice Palace.

How to get there by car:

Заезд на территорию ледового дворца осуществляется с улицы Яблочкова. В навигаторе можете указать адрес ул. Яблочкова д.7 или следующие координаты 55.817076, 37.579652.