Visiting rules

These Rules are aimed at ensuring the safety and comfortable stay of visitors in the Ice Palace "APIA ARENA"

Visitors are required to:

  • Comply with the current rules of conduct in the LD;
  • Take care of the property, equipment, inventory of the Arena and the Sports Complex as a whole;
  • To observe and maintain public order and generally accepted standards of behavior, to behave respectfully in relation to other visitors, attendants, coaches;
  • Comply with the instructions and requirements of administrators, medical staff and security personnel of the Ice Palace;
  • Strictly follow the rules of fire safety;
  • In case of detection of a malfunction of equipment, inventory, property of the Arena and / or the Sports Complex as a whole, immediately inform the trainer, the administrator of the Sports Complex, who is obliged to take measures to eliminate these faults as soon as possible;
  • If there are signs of any discomfort, immediately contact the LD medical staff;
  • To move in skates without covers only on the rubber coating;
  • Do not disturb other VISITORS, do not disturb the cleanliness and order.

Visitors are prohibited from:

  • To be in a state of alcoholic, narcotic and toxic intoxication, to smoke, to drink alcoholic beverages. In case of identification of persons who are in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication, the Administration of the Ice Palace has the right to apply measures to these persons in the form of suspension from attendance and withdrawal from the Sports Complex. The administration has the right in this case not to return the payment, but to keep it as a fine;
  • Bring explosive, flammable, toxic and strongly smelling substances, glass, cutting, piercing objects, all types of firearms, gas and cold steel, soiling objects;
  • To enter the office premises, which include offices, information stand, technical rooms, independently regulate any engineering and technical equipment;
  • To make cinema - and photographing without the permission of the management of the Sports complex;
  • Pass on the ice in the shoe;
  • Distribute promotional products without the consent of the Administration of LD;
  • Smoking in the building of the Ice Palace and the surrounding areas;
  • Kindle fire;
  • To hammer or pick ice with skates or other objects, and also to throw any objects on the ice, pour out liquid and pour in any substances;
  • Bring or bring pets to the Ice Palace;
  • Stay on the ice arena in the presence of signs of acute or chronic infectious and / or skin disease that may harm the health of others;
  • To use independently, without the permission of the LD Administration, musical and other equipment brought with them;
  • Go to the Sports Complex with bicycles, scooters, on rollers, with skateboards, sleds, etc.

In case of violation of these Rules of Conduct when causing harm to life, health and property of visitors to LD “APIA ARENA”, the Administration is not liable.

The administration of LD APIA ARENA is not responsible for the risk situations associated with the violation of the health of visitors (injuries, bruises, etc.).

Parents should explain to children the rules of behavior in the Ice Palace. Responsibility for children bear PARENTS.

For valuables and money left unattended, the administration of LD is not responsible.

The administration of the Ice Palace of Sports reserves the right to remove visitors who violate these rules from the territory of the Ice Palace "APIA ARENA" at any time. No refund.