We bring to the attention of all visitors of the APIA ARENA Ice Palace our modern professionally equipped gym.

If you care about your health, want to lose a couple of extra pounds, you want to give muscles relief and keep them in good shape - welcome to our new gym! Depending on your goals, the intensity of the load and the nature of the workout may vary. Large selection of equipment allows you to create an individual program of work on different muscle groups. We carefully monitor the quality of the equipment on which you have to deal. In our hall we have installed simulators and shells from the best world manufacturers, which ensures simplicity and safety of trainings. The hall is equipped with LCD panels, a music center, modern air conditioning system. An on-duty instructor is constantly in the hall, ready at any moment to provide you with qualified assistance and support. Modern equipment and stylish design of the hall set a great mood for the whole day and make training as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Since we use the latest equipment, all products are equipped with a security system and emergency stop. Many have a sensory pulse measurement system to track the level of stress and its perception by your body.

Cardiovascular machines are recommended for warm-up before training with weight training equipment. Also, cardiovascular training is a good way to lose weight. Strength training will help develop exactly those muscle groups that are particularly in need of strengthening.

TRX or Total Body Resistance Exercises - training with its own weight using suspended structures (loops). This is a universal functional training, which allows not only to develop all muscle groups, strengthen the ligaments and tendons, but also improve flexibility, agility, strength, vestibular apparatus, endurance and much more. This training has another important advantage - the effective development of the muscles of the so-called core (muscles-stabilizers, including the press). Exercises are suitable for all age groups, for men and women, for people with disabilities in their state of health, as in this workout there is no axial (vertical) load on the spine. TRX can be used in all other types of training - strength, cardio, Pilates, exercise therapy, etc.