Dance hall

Dance is the most ancient, most beautiful art. And in the space where the basics of this art are comprehended, there must be a corresponding atmosphere - harmonious, inviting, all-consuming.

Modern, technically equipped, easily adapted to the latest trends in dance art choreography hall in the Ice Palace "APIA ARENA" - the dream of any professional in the field of dance!

The choreography hall of 150 square meters is very bright due to the large panoramic windows and ceilings 7 meters high. Spacious, filled with air. The hall is equipped with non-slip professional dance linoleum, high-quality stationary machines and large mirrors around the perimeter. The most modern musical equipment is installed. To create a comfortable microclimate involved the latest heating, ventilation and air conditioning. An important role is played by the aesthetic design of the hall. Here it is concise, stylish, noble, inspiring. There is a piano in the hall, which means that you can work with live music.

The choreography hall is ideal for practicing ballroom dancing, classical ballet, modern, jazz and other types of dance, gymnastics, stretching, Pilates, yoga. Soft subdued light creates a comfortable atmosphere for group and individual classes. Technical facilities of the hall allow you to freely engage a group of 30 people. For visitors are provided women's and men's locker rooms. Shower cabins are located in each of the dressing rooms, so that after dynamic and energy-intensive occupations, they immediately get in shape.

So that the painstaking work at the machine tool brought not only benefit, but also enjoyment - in “APIA ARENA” a unique environment was created for both professionals and real dance lovers.